Status Update

2009-07-09 23:51:48 by mad-dave

So it's been almost half a year now since I last submitted a flash here @ NG. Sorry for not being active like other animators. Now that I have officially finished school I can now focus on making flash again...BUT I just got back into WoW so don't hold your breath :(. Sword of Destruction IV will get finished before the end of this year! I think I might get rid of voice acting this time since it is so hard to find a good voice actor and I can't do it myself because my mic is crap and my voice is mumbly.

NEW PARAGRAPH- yeah not really, more like a one liner.

- Mad Dave (Come talk to me at VGDC Forums)


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2009-07-10 00:04:25

Sword of Destruction is awesome.


2009-11-20 17:37:57

If you wanna finish by the end of the year you have 42 days left, counting today.

mad-dave responds:

OH SHI-Workin on it. lol


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