Sword of Destruction V update

2009-11-23 23:30:45 by mad-dave

Hey all! It's been a while since I last submitted a flash. My old .fla files were recently lost when i had to reformat my computer so I had initially given up on making another SOD episode. However since I am a regular member at VGDC, I see alot of members still using flash and posting their WIP's. Seeing all this gets me motivated and I start messing around with flash again.

So anyway, I need to finish the script before I can animate anymore of this, but I decided to put alot of detail into making my intro as close to the original Link to the past game as possible. Check it out Here. (warning: no preloader, right click rewind and play to view again)

-Mad Dave


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2009-11-29 01:26:42

That's awesome, can't wait until it's finished! I won't release a flash in a while but I am doing voices for an upcoming Star Wars movie with Tom Fulp. Anyway good luck with the new movie, let me know when you release it!

mad-dave responds:

Sounds awesome, I'll keep an eye out for it. I didn't know you were a voice actor. Cool beans.


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