Sword of Destruction V 2nd Update

2009-12-05 14:40:39 by mad-dave

Hey guys! I thought I give you another update on my current flash project: Legend of Zelda: Sword of Destruction V. I am about 70 seconds in to the animation. The script is finished, and I am happy to say that this will not be the last episode but it will be the second last. For those of you not familiar with the series I recommend catching up from episode 1 to episode 4. (Mind you episode 1 was created many years ago when I first started flash, but it sets up the story quite well.)

Last time I updated on this movie, I talked about not doing voices this time, but since then I have had numerous auditions sent in from members of VGDC. So there will be voices in this episode, just not the same voices from Episode 4. I may include some funny audio outtakes from some of my voice actors (Shark, Jonbro, The WildALK). Speaking of Jonbro check out his latest flash here: Pain on the Brain 3

Here is a plot summary of episode 5:
Now that link has all 3 dark pendants, he has obtained the power to release the sword of destruction from its resting place. He seeks out the Old Man who told him of the sword, and asks where to find the sword. The answer lies within the Temple of Destruction inside the Golden Forest, north past the mountains of hyrule. Will Link succeed in reaching the Sword of Destruction before Rhagnon's ultimate plans are played out? find out in the next episode of the Sword of Destruction series .

I hope you guys look forward to the next episode, I hope to finish it this month sometime. But it may not be released until the new year.

- Mad Dave

Sword of Destruction V 2nd Update


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2009-12-05 19:09:06

I guess you decided to hold off mentioning the upcoming contest on the frontpage until at least a week from now, but that's perfectly all right, because now I know how SoDV is coming and I got to see you plug my movie, lol

What are the audio outtakes? Are you just thinking of throwing our goofing-off voice acting sessions into the credits or something? If so, that's fine by me.


2009-12-06 00:46:18

This movie looks very promising, keep the updates coming! Oh and to let you know yeah I do voices. I did most of the voices in "Return of The Vinstigator". So if you ever need a voice actor, let me know ;)

By the way I was recently put on the list of "greatest hip hop artists on Newgrounds"

http://mindchamber.newgrounds.com/new s/post/404431

Anyway keep up the good work!