Entry #16

SODV is not dead!

2011-01-25 03:47:27 by mad-dave

I am still working on it. Looking for a voice actor who can talk like a dwarf...and has comedic timing! email auditions to davidgould19@hotmail.com!!!

audition lines:

Guard: Commander! why are we patrolling this area of the forest? Nobody ever comes here!.

and here is another:

Guard: You could have NOT stabbed me with your sword. That would have been a better choice.


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2011-01-25 03:48:15

Dwarf - Scottish accent, real loud and obnoxious. likes to say "OI!" alot.


2011-01-25 10:33:17

I figured SODV would be a sprite movie. You spriters always name your series something that can be turned into an acronym I can never remember.

mad-dave responds:

Its because Legend of Zelda: Sword of Destruction Episode V doesn't fit in the title space.


2011-01-25 11:23:49



2011-01-25 16:22:02


I should try this.


2011-01-25 21:51:39

I don't think I can :(

mad-dave responds:

its ok, I probably will never get a voice actor and therefore well not get motivation to finish this. No one likes sprite movies anymore anyway.